CoFounders Program

About Casablanca, Morocco

Teams of CoFounders

Each year we select and match talented Co-Founders to build successful fully independent businesses

Wired Startups opens up an application process where qualified applicants are admitted to our incubation program and become our CoFounders.

All our CoFounders get stock options and a monthly stipend while they build up an MVP. Wired Startups fully finances their projects' needs, office spaces, server costs etc.

Startups Incubator

Startups Incubator

Incubation and Acceleration

Our teams of Co-Founders go through a 12 months rigorous incubation cycle that includes several phases like:

  • Prototyping
  • Market Validation
  • Scalability

    With the assistance of our resident experts and network of mentors, they try to build viable businesses that are ripe for follow-up scalability and continuity investments..

  • Investors

    Workshops and Events

    Prospective Investors

    Investors interested in Wired Startups generally intervene in two or three different phases of our cycle:

  • Initial funding of the portfolio of projects, which will be used to create and validate prototypes.
  • A follow-up scalability or continuity investment which occurs when prototypes of the projects have been created and validated.

    We welcome investors who other than providing funds, have a vision that is aligned to ours and can further our projects through providing access to connections .

  • Workshops and Events


    Ecosystem contributions

    We regularly organize workshop and events to bring together different contributors to our ecosystem.

    An annual event Incubate Expo brings together entrepreneurs, experts, startups and developers from all over the world. Several workshops, meetings and competitions are held and all participants get to showcase their products and services in front of industry experts and investors.

    Clubs & Garage Lab

    Connecting People through Clubs

    Connecting People

    Bringing together likeminded people who have the same interests and passion is an intricate part of how our ecosystem functions. We organize monthly meetings to support participants who have an interest in such clubs.

    Garage Lab is an area of our building where we have created training spaces for gamers, techniciens and developers.

    Workspace Ecosystem

    With a vision to further enrich the entrepreneurial experience of our ecosystem's participants, we built Biz Jahiz, an independent coworking entity providing various business services. Some of the services offered are:

    Co-Working Spaces

    There are several well equipped co-working areas in our building which is connected to the Internet through a fiber optic network connection. There are over 100 seats available in total.

    Serviced Offices

    More than 30 private offices are available in our building to our CoFounders and others

    Workshop Rooms

    Several workshop and training areas can accommodate a range capacity of 10 to 80 people, with a total of 200 seats available through our workshop, meeting and training rooms.

    About us

    About Wired Startups

    About Wired Startups

    Wired Startups is a mentorship-driven incubator and seed capital enterprise based in Morocco.

    We bring together teams of developers and entrepreneurs as Co-Founders, based on skills and affinity, within an ecosystem where they build, validate and scale ideas into marketable solutions that are introduced to investors for follow-up and continuity rounds of investments.




    An important part of our vision is to build different partnerships with local and international ecosystem players . For instance, we have setup an association with, an organization of 900 thousand members worldwide, who teaches those interested in becoming full stack developers. All people interested in joining this program in Casablanca, Morocco may practice in our Garage Lab for free.



    Come grow with us

    We are constantly looking for ambitious and driven, self starters who can run with the ball. If you are self disciplined , initiative driven person with some really good common sense and you don't need constant supervision, then whether you are a developer, a business major, an artist, a marketer or whatever.. if you see a fit with our culture, then please contact us.