Connecting People Through Clubs

The idea to connect likeminded people who have the same interests and passion is an intricate part of how our ecosystem functions. In fact, it is our objectif to regularly organize workshops and events to bring together different actors and contributors to our ecosystem.

We organize monthly meetings to support participants who have an interest in such clubs.

Entrepreneurs Club


Garage Lab is an area of our building where we have created training spaces for gamers, electronicians and developers.

Workspace Ecosystem

With a vision to further enrich the entrepreneurial experience of our ecosystem's participants, we built Biz Jahiz, an independent coworking entity providing various business services. Some of the services offered are:

Co-Working Spaces

There are several well equiped coworking areas in our building which is connected to the Internet through a fiber optic network connection. There are over 100 seats available in total.

Serviced Offices

More than 30 private offices are available in our building to our CoFounders and others

Workshop Rooms

Several workshop and training areas can accomodate a range capacity of 10 to 80 people, with a total of 200 seats available through our workshop, meeting and training rooms.