About Wired Startups

Wired Startups is a mentorship-driven incubator and seed capital entreprise based in Morocco. We brings together teams of developers and entrepreneurs as CoFounders, based on skills and affinity, within an ecosystem where they build, validate and scale ideas into marketable solutions.

We look for Cofounders who are passionate, hungry for success, that have an excellent ability to execute and that know or have a willingness to learn about the industry they are building the project for.

Teams that get into our incubator get their own team offices and have several coworking areas available to them. There is a rigorous curriculum that is followed during the period of incubation, that assists them in all needed areas to build the project and run it as a business.

Our methodology is a bit different as we get directly involved since the initial phase of any project and will typically stay invested during a continuity period and up to an exit.

Our own team of developers and experts will team up, during our Start School cycle, which lasts 12 months, with several teams of developers and entrepreneurs to help them develop their projects, validate them, present them and scale them up.

Typically we provide seed capital to build the prototype and give our CoFounders, stock options and a monthly stipend. Each project usually has a team of two to four CoFounders that work with several experts and mentors from our core team.

Our investment per project in its initial phase varies from 250 thousand dirhams and up to 1 million dirhams (25k to 100k USD). These funds are used to build a viable, scalable prototype. Once a prototype is proven and validated, further funds are raised in a followup round through our investors who are committed to helping founders build their startup into strong, scalable and successful companies.