Startup School Morocco


Incubation, Proof of Concept and Acceleration

Every year Wired Startups teams up and invests as CoFounders in a class of technologists and entrepreneurs, from Morocco and all around Africa, with the goal of launching innovative startups that provide mobile and web services or solutions to problems that can manifest anywhere in the world.

The selected teams are admitted to the Wired Startups incubator where they have their own dedicated workspace, which is setup with developers and entrepreneurs in mind. These teams work hand in hand with Wired Startup’s experts and technical advisors, as well as benefit from Wired Startups’ network of mentors on very specific practical cases directly related to their project.

Our CoFounders incubation program takes our teams through three phases over 12 months of a rigorous coaching cycle which focuses on technical, marketing , sales development and scalability.

During the first phase of the incubation period each team builds a prototype “Proof of Concept” solution. Once their minimal viable product is ready the teams continue testing different methods for validating their concepts through the acquisition of sales and customers. Lastly and as they are ready to present their projects, potential stakeholders assess the POC and evaluate the potential to invest further and deploy at a bigger scale.

We offer invaluable resources and expertise


We provide investment to all teams joining our CoFounders’ program. We work with each startup to provide the right amount of funding, with the right terms.


Work side-by-side with experienced CoFounders, who have started, built and exited their own start-ups, as well as in-house experts and mentors in finance, marketing, design and tech. Our job is to help you launch, grow and make good decisions, quickly.

Personal Development

We’ll help you learn and develop new skills through talks, workshops and dinners. As a member of our portfolio, you’ll have access to these after you graduate from the incubation program.


After you've built your prototype, proof of concept, we’ll help you setup the connections you need to succeed, be that investors, clients or strategic partners.

Casablanca Workspace

You will feel at home at Wired Startups , in our Casablanca offices – while you’re part of our CoFounders program. You’ll be surrounded by exciting startups working on other innovative projects.


We’ll use our connetions and networks to make sure you’re fully prepared to secure the follow-on funding you need.